How We are?


Nowadays, Suicide make its way to be a fundamental one of the core for an escape route within trouble that an individual had in mind. The society has shaped it to be an easy way to end trouble in their perspective. However, they do not think the big picture as it is. Whereby, this act may lead to bigger trouble within the doer family and friends and may affect the society of today.


Based on research that has been reported by Astro Awani (9 September 2019 through their program, #AwaniByte), each day five people attempt suicide, which is by the 5.5 (death) /100 000 (people) ration are reported by World Health Organisation. This number of suicide activities also have affected 135 people in term of emotion and 25 people are influenced by this action to do the same. This is because; Malaysia people are stress by the reality pressure. Not only that, the society mental health also not in good state. On this motion, an idea sparked from the situation. The idea is Project Vita Line.


Project Vita line was inspired by the movement of suicide prevention motion. This project focus is to encourage life conservation and stop suicide motion. Before we continue, allow me to introduce the reason for using the word ‘Vita Line’ as the name of this programme. Vita is driven by the language from Greek, which mean vital or a pulse. This is in any field that had a connection with life always use it to represent the statue of an individual’s life. When there is vital detected, there is pulse of life. Next, I also would like to give the reason of using line. In a line there is a beginning and the ending if left to the natural process. On this matter, it is in relevant whereby when someone people commit suicide it also similar to when we draw un-natural line to a natural line is has a new point of ending and this will lead into the disturbance for the natural process of life. In conclusion, the name of the project was driven by the course and vision of this programme.


Therefore, this project is sparked to be fundamental for the conservation of life and the main target is to decrease the suicide rate in Sabah to Malaysia and to the world community.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision -Empower the conservation of life within the society of Sabah, Malaysia and The world.
Mission -Inspired the society of Sabah, Malaysia and the world to abstain from the act of suicide.

Our Objective and Core values

To unite life, To conserve life, To inspire life, To aspire life, To encourage life

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